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Water Technology

Canada's Number 1 Chemical Manufacturer

Water Technology

Constant America manufactures a complete chemical product line and supplies all the necessary chemicals for industrial and wastewater treatment. Our field of expertise covers the application of polymers and polyelectrolytes for the treatment of raw water, process, and waste effluent in the pulp and paper, food and beverage, and mining industries, as well as municipalities and landfill sites. Water treatment specialists provide on-site analysis and service reports identifying potential problems.


Our representatives can train your personnel in work methods that will optimize the productivity of your operations.


Our professional water treatment specialists are available to assist you in order to optimize your process and maximize efficiency of your chemicals. Through the years we have developed expertise to optimize your different processes:

Sludge Dewatering
Flotation clarifier
Settling Clarifier
Direct filtration
Filamentous Bulking Control
Color Removal
Bod and Cod Removal
Odor Problem with waste Water
We will also assist you on the servicing and maintenanance of your cooling towers.


In order to meet the growing demands of global environmental responsibility, Constant America has developed the FLOMAX, POLYFLO, and FLOTEC polymers in pollution control programs. These products are used in integrated waste treatment applications, paper machine retention, and in digested sludge conditioning.

With recent major investments in Research and Development, Constant America’s Water Technology Division is ready to manage all your water resources while adapting to the ever changing needs of the industry, helping you reach you environmental goals.

We’ve made it our vision to grow our business and elevate the cleaning and sanitation industry standards by investing heavily and continuously in Research and Development. Since the founding of Constant America, more than 600 specialty chemicals have been developed by our team of scientists.  Research and development is an ongoing process, with environmentally friendly solutions to our customers’ needs as our focal point.  We constantly search for ways to improve the performance of our products while reducing costs, helping our customers remain as efficient and cost competitive as possible.

Another focal point of our R&D department is to formulate products for customers on demand.

Have a particularly difficult challenge for us? Give us the chance to formulate a chemical product specifically tailored to your needs.

Why Constant America?

Here at Constant America Inc. we are committed to you, the customer.  We take your needs to heart and go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our customer representatives are available around the clock to serve your needs and provide chemical solutions tailored to your operations.