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Institutional Division

Canada's Number 1 Chemical Supplier


 Constant America provides a wide range of product and services to restaurants, hotels and hospitals. We provide all-encompassing support services to our customers, including a reliable and devoted technical team, privileged access to the newest market innovations and unsurpassed expertise.  In keeping with the elevated quality standards established by Constant America, our chemical products are developed in-house and produced in our own factories, always with the utmost respect for environmental standards.


Our representatives can train your personnel in work methods that will optimize the productivity of your operations: W.H.M.I.S. sanitation program, etc.


We offer dishwasher / glasswasher leasing and the technical services are free if the customers buys the cleaning products from us.

We have color coded products for ease of use and offer sanitation programs adapted to the institution.

We can also provide technical services at a very competitive hourly rate for any of your dishwasher reparation or maintenance.

Our personnel are available 24 hours a day for emergency service.

Service reports are given after each visit, outlining the service performed and recommendations to ensure best results and cost efficiency.


Quality, Service, Economy and Innovation… with the utmost care for our environment, in hopes of protecting it for future generations.

“Jump into the FAST Lane” is more than just a promise. It is Constant America’s pledge to its customers to always give 110% and strive for more… in expertise, performance and innovation.

We provide amongst others:

1. Color coded products for ease of use

2. Technical support 24/7

3. Lease and selling of dishwashers and glasswashers

4. Repair of dishwashers

Our Performance

Constant America is proud to celebrate its 30 year anniversary, manufacturing top of the line chemical products for its multiple divisions.