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Food and Beverage Industry

Canada’s #1 Chemical Manufacturer

Food and Beverage Industry

In existence since 1990, Constant America’s Food and Beverage Industry has been a one stop shop for the different food plant industries. With our wide range of specialty degreasers, cleaners, sanitizers, and odor prevention products, we are a leading manufacturer of cleaners and sanitizers.
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As your supplier of cleaning products, we also further our commitment by offering Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) support and by training your employees in proper cleaning and sanitation methods. Our training is offered in 5 languages.

We understand that the food industry greatly depends on reliable suppliers to maintain world class quality in their products. This is why our Food Division representatives provide 24-hour service, 7 days a week. We insist on being there when you need us.

In an attempt to improve the offered services to its valuable customers, Constant America is proud to introduce its sanitation management program, LE VALET; your new business partner! This software has been developed to help customers achieve their goals and contribute to their success in food safety management.

Quality, Service, Economy and Innovation… with the utmost care for our environment, in hopes of protecting it for future generations.

“Jump into the FAST Lane” is more than just a promise. It is Constant America’s pledge to its customers to always give 110% and strive for more… in expertise, performance and innovation.

There are various advantages to getting your products from us. You won’t only buy the most economical product but you will also benefit from the services of our specialists. You want to benefit from our expertise in the cleaning and sanitation field, please contact our team at office@constantamerica.com.