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Pulp and Paper

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Pulp and Paper

Constant America' Pulp & Paper Division has been a supplier of specialty chemicals used in pulp & paper mills worldwide for nearly 35 years. Our areas of expertise are: pulping, paper machine deposit control, defoaming, pulp bleaching, and microbiological and effluent treatment in pulp and paper production processes are recycling and de-inking. We supply innovative and environmentally friendly pulping aids, defoamers, scale and corrosion inhibitors, biocides, felt/wire cleaners and conditioners, brightness enhancers, hydrogen peroxide stabilizers, and flocculants. Many years of ongoing research & development has allowed us to supply the pulp & paper industry with high quality, efficient, and economical products.
Highly qualified specialists from our Pulp & Paper Division conduct complete surveys of our clients' operations and, as part of a multi-disciplinary approach, will recommend the chemical program best suited to their unique needs. We understand the delicate, ever changing process conditions experienced by pulp & paper mills worldwide, and we adapt our systems to fit their specific requirements. We will be there to help you face the challenges of environmental compliance. Constant America Inc. is dedicated to your success!

Quality, Service, Economy and Innovation… with the utmost care for our environment, in hopes of protecting it for future generations.

“Jump into the FAST Lane” is more than just a promise. It is Constant America’s pledge to its customers to always give 110% and strive for more… in expertise, performance and innovation.

In recent years, with mills switching to ECF, TCF, and TEF pulping, operating conditions have become more demanding. The main goal of our research & development efforts is to develop new technologies to ensure our customers are expertly guided through these changing conditions. Products such as Calinhib, HP Booster, Consperce, Per Plus, and D Solv are examples of our environmentally friendly product line developed for Kraft and Groundwood Pulping. Constant America provides superior and innovative solutions to meet the changing needs of the pulp & paper industry.