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Case Study

Client: Le Petit Goret Inc.

"After ten months of only one application, we realized that the product keeps its Anti bacterial performance. there is almost no microbiological contamination in the surfaces that have been treated with Shield-On 10"

Balance Room:

Date Non-Treated Surface (UFC/ml) Treated Surface (UFC/ml)
February 2005 130 4
May 2005 500 4
Sept 2005 100 000 5

Cutting Room:

Date Non-Treated Surface (UFC/ml) Treated Surface (UFC/ml)
February 2004 4500 7
May 2005 52000 7
Sept 2005 1100 7

Shield On 10 application test had place at "Le Petit Goret" in november 2004, for the two surfaces mentioned in the tests. The technician responsible of this application, in presence of HACCP coordinator, went back to compare the results in February - May - September 2005. This way we could prove the efficacity of Shield On vs the untreated surfaces.