Transportation Division


Constant America' Transportation Division was formed in 1993. Our portfolio of specialty products for the transport industry includes cleaning products, engine coolants and degreasers, as well as waxes and oil spill removers for application in buses, trucks, trains and ships. Continuous R & D efforts, as well as top of the line technical service have made our transportation division an important player in the North American transport market.


Our representatives can train your personnel in work methods that will optimize the productivity of your operations.


Our commitment to innovation and development in the transportation industry has led to many new, revolutionary technologies. In particular is the recent creation of our Hydro Shock System. The Hydro Shock System removes the need to maintain and replace brushes while simultaneously neutralizing the pH of the effluent retention system, all at a surprisingly competitive price. This system replaces older systems which use costly brushes in car, truck, bus, and rail car washers. 


Our technical support staff is engaged in designing, installing, and servicing Hydro Shock Systems to ensure proper chemical use and optimal results for our customers.