Constant America

30 years providing top of the line chemical solutions

Located on the island of Montreal, Constant America’s continued success is a result of outstanding customer service and high product quality. For over 30 years, the company has been manufacturing, selling and distributing specialty chemicals to various industries: food and beverage, pulp & paper, institutional, water treatment, transportation and other industrial customers. We do not simply manufacture chemicals; we provide support systems and expertise. We are intent on giving all our customers the best service and product quality attainable.

Research and development

We’ve made it our vision to grow our business and elevate the cleaning and sanitation industry standards by investing heavily and continuously in Research and Development. Since the founding of Constant America, more than 600 specialty chemicals have been developed by our team of scientists.  Research and development is an ongoing process, with environmentally friendly solutions to our customers' needs as our focal point.  We constantly search for ways to improve the performance of our products while reducing costs, helping our customers remain as efficient and cost competitive as possible.

Another focal point of our R&D department is to formulate products for customers on demand.

Have a particularly difficult challenge for us? Give us the chance to formulate a chemical product specifically tailored to your needs.

Here at Constant America Inc. we are committed to you, the customer.  We take your needs to heart and go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our customer representatives are available around the clock to serve your needs and provide chemical solutions tailored to your operations.


We are part of a dynamic and rapidly changing industry and in order to remain at the height of our game we invest considerably in our employees.  Our sales and technical representatives are highly qualified professionals who are available to help train your employees as well.  We offer the possibility of implementing Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) compliant systems. We also ensure that all our production operators are WHMIS trained and tested. All our employees receive ISO training in order to be fully aware of their role in fulfilling our quality objectives.
If you have specific training needs for your employees, let us know.  Our knowledgeable staff, technical representatives, and chemists would be glad to help you reach your goals.

If you have an idea or if something's not right – we want to know! Don’t hesitate to contact your sales representative to share ideas or make special product requests. We’ll try our best to find solutions to your problems

Quality is at the heart of everything we do, from the technical features we weave into our products, to the people we work with and relationships we build.

In-House Manufacturing

We know how important the chemicals that you use are to you, and we would never feel comfortable entrusting a third party manufacturing firm with the responsibility of producing our first rate chemicals. Just as you oversee every step of your operation to guarantee that your customers are satisfied, we too at Constant America Inc. insist on controlling every step to ensure that your expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

Quality Control

Our Total Quality Management (TQM) system is among the most complete and reliable systems developed, and has been ISO certified since 1997. Our TQM system oversees virtually every step of production, from supplier selection and training to the finished product.

Supplier evaluation

Just as you depend on your suppliers for consistent and reliable service, we too have an important bank of suppliers on which we depend.  Before we accept to do business with any company they must first meet our pre-established standards.  Only once we are fully confident that they will provide top-notch service and products at a reasonable price will we entrust our business to them.


By producing our chemicals ourselves we know the history behind each individual item that we send to you.  We developed it, manufactured it and can fully stand behind it.  Every step of the product manufacturing is documented, with specific protocols to be followed; everything you would expect from the ISO 9001:2008 registered company that we are.

Do you want to join a young and dynamic working environment? Constant America is always looking for people with experience who share the vision and values of the company. We are currently hiring sales representatives for the Food & Beverage and Industrial divisions in the Montreal and Quebec city areas.

If you want to join a fast paced environment with a growing company, please send us your resume at